GBW Attended the International Poultry Exhibition of Pakistan in 2017


GBW attended the International Poultry Exhibition of Pakistan on August 24-26, 2017. After years of sanctions by the U.S-led international community, industry and agriculture of Pakistan were relatively backward. As our strategic partner, Pakistan would confront a new and further opportunity of development in recent years because of the influence of our open foreign policy.


Compared with other exhibitions, this one in Pakistan was limited obviously. China was almost the only foreign country in this exhibition that most were the farming equipments enterprises. GBW, as the Chinese additive company, attracted much attention in this exhibition. The local poultry breeding farm, feed company, trading company, college and research institution showed great interests in our products, as well as the local media. In Pakistan, the enzymes products were accepted by the local enterprises, while the probiotics and fermented materials products were on the rise. Plenty of local companies and trading companies wished to cooperate with GBW and developed the local market.


 This exhibition showed our company image successfully, and hunted several potential partners which had cooperation intentions. Above all, this trip laid a solid foundation for the development in Pakistan and the south of Asia.

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